Energy and professional expertise

Baukos is uniquely positioned on the Italian scene, with forty years' experience in constructing industrial floors and pavements and installing epoxy resin linings for concrete wine tanks.

Baukos' specialised engineers combine long-standing expertise with state-of-the art tools, and use their outstanding manual skills to enhance the performance of highly advanced machinery and materials. Customers' needs and requests are our main priority! Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or want to know more, or even just for an exchange of views.

Baukos expresses its fundamental values and profound passion for its work by constantly seeking new solutions.


Industrial floors

After a series of project meetings, our teams first prepare the substrate that will receive an epoxy resin or polyurethane-cement coating. Both solutions ensure a waterproof, non-slip floor that is also resistant to chemicals.

These characteristics are increasingly appreciated when safety and hygienic standards are key prerequisites.


Epoxy resin linings for concrete tanks

A number of tests have confirmed that Stucco 3C performs much better than traditional premixed cement-based plasters, showing more than double compressive strength, bending strength and adhesion to the concrete substrate.
Baukos Stucco 3C adheres perfectly to the inner walls of the tanks without any risk of tearing or peeling due to the stress caused during use of the tanks.
The average life span is no less than fifteen years.